Added by on 2015-07-30 – To get the optimum vitamin coverage on a daily basis you really need to be taking a top quality multivitamin combined with one other vitamin, fish oil and a probiotic.

The additional vitamin is vitamin D. This vitamin is important for the correct utilisation of Calcium and Magnesium in the body and is becoming more widely regarded as a necessary vitamin in the prevention of cancer, and for the best utilisation of calcium for improving or maintaining bone density.

Probiotics, as well as helping to counter the effects of medications such as anti-biotics, are important for maintaining gut health and for ensuring your immune system remains strong against all the daily bombardment it receives for food, liquids and even environmental pollutants.

Fish oil, particularly capsules that contain the all important EPA and DHA quantities of Omega 3’s provide all the essential fatty acids the body needs to ensure your metabolism operates effectively, your joints remain “lubricated” and your blood cholesterol levels are not elevated.

A multivitamin is your fail-safe mechanism against missing out on vital nutrients in your food intake and should be of the highest quality and optimum quantity to act as a support mechanism for your health. If for any reason you can’t get the other 3 items, you should at least get your multivitamin each day. Start with that at the very least.

The multivitamin, vitamin D, fish oil and probiotic form the defensive barrier to ensure you face each day with the best possible chance of fighting off immune attacks and deficiencies in energy from poor food sources.

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DESCRIPTION: What does the best available science say about the role multivitamins may play in heart disease, cancer, and longevity? Multiple studies demonstrate the use of multivitamins may be superfluous.

I’ve previously addressed multivitamins in my videos Are Multivitamins Good For You? ( and Multivitamin Supplements and Breast Cancer ( (with a follow-up in my Q&A Is multivitamin use really associated to an increased risk of breast cancer?, I also touched on potential risks in Dietary Theory of Alzheimer’s (

With the exception of vitamins D and B12 (Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking,, we should strive to get our nutrients from produce, not pills.

As new studies and meta-analyses on multivitamins come out, my take-away message remains the same: getting our nutrients from fruits and vegetables—not pills—appears to serve us better. You can learn more from my video on past research on multivitamins here: Are Multivitamins Good For You? (

Multivitamins seem to increase women’s risk of breast cancer: Multivitamin Supplements and Breast Cancer ( I discuss this research more while answering a reader’s question in an associated blog post: Is multivitamin use really associated to an increased risk of breast cancer? (

Other dietary supplements might not be much better. I created a three part series on it:

• Dietary Supplement Snake Oil (
• Heavy Metals in Protein Powder Supplements (
• Some Dietary Supplements May Be More Than a Waste of Money (

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