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This video shows how to make your own protein bars at home in great detail. You will see all the ingredients, amounts mixed, what brands of products used and how to mix them. Although the amounts would vary by your taste, and recipe is pretty flexible, only thing you need to seriously watch is the milk amount. Make sure to pour milk little by little or your protein paste will go too soft and will not hold together. Use SOY MILK if you intent to carry these in your purse or backpack to the gym since SOY MILK will last out of fridge and will not go bad like regular milk. Regular milk will go bad in less than 4 hours out of the fridge. Other than that you can pour more of anything you like. Watch your numbers though since it adds up pretty quick. I usually get 14-15 slices out and each one around 125 calories. They are delicious and fairly simple to make. It took me 3 tires to get it right. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. Post if you have any questions. Please keep it PG. Thanks
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