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Best fish oil supplement. Better than Nordic Naturals

In this video I explain what I think the best fish oil supplement available on the market today is. This is based both of my own personal experience with different brands of fish oil, including Nordic Naturals and high-quality, cutting-edge science and technology behind it.

I whole-heartedly recommend this brand of fish oil. It’s made and continues to make a big difference in my life. It’s like magic for your brain.

Fish oil can not only enhance brain function and cognition but it has health benefits ranging from treating arthritis and inflammatory autoimmune disorders to lowering triglyceride levels and protecting your heart and cardiovascular system.

I receive nothing for this review. I simply have had amazing results with this product and want everyone to experience the results.

How to relieve joint pain with fish oil. How to take fish oil to get relief of joint pain including dosages and what to look for in a fish oil product.

Many people want to know if fish oil is anti-inflammatory. Technically, the correct answer to this question is no it is not. Then how does fish oil relieve joint pain? Fish oil contains essential omega-3 fatty acids which the body uses to manufacture its own anti-inflammatory chemicals. Said another way, fish oil provides the nutrient precursors that the body needs to manufacture its own onboard anti-inflammatories.

In fact, many researchers now believe that the current epidemic of pain pain and inflammation being suffered by Americans is due to a deficiency of omega-3 fats. These fats are “essential”. Essential means that our body cannot make them on its own but needs them for health and balance. In the same way that you must get vitamins and minerals through your diet, omega-3 fats are also essential. But we are getting only a fraction of the omega-3 fats that we need to maintain optimal health.

Fish oil made from cold water fishes contains omega-3 fatty acids. There are many varieties of fish oil products on the market and all of these products vary in terms the amount of active ingredients–the omega-3 fatty acids, in the fish oil. Consequently when people ask “How much should I take to get relief of joint pain?” The answer is it depends on which product you are taking.

Manufacturers may or may not concentrate the active ingredients or omega-3 fatty acids in their fish oil product. When the omega-3 fatty acids are not concentrated fish oil is often referred to as “foodgrade”. If the omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated to 70% or more, the term “pharmaceutical grade fish oil” has been adopted informally by the industry and by health practitioners to identify these products. A major benefit of pharmaceutical grade fish oil is that you don’t have to take a large handful of fish oil capsules every day in order to get enough of the active omega-3 fatty acids to get results. In addition pharmaceutical grade fish oil is purified via molecular distillation to remove toxins such as mercury, dioxins, PCBs and arsenic.

What is the correct fish oil dosage to relieve inflammation? This varies depending on pre-existing status of each individual with regard to omega-3 levels. If someone is very very deficient in omega-3’s it will take more capsules per day to facilitate their bodies production of inherent anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Dr. Joseph Maroon is a neurosurgeon who suffered acute knee pain able to osteoarthritis. Dr. Maroon was a runner who developed knee pain and started taking NSAID pain killers for relief. When the pain killers caused an ulcer he knew he needed to get off them. He went to his medical colleagues and was told that he needed a knee replacement. He decided to do his own research and discovered fish oil. After taking 2000 mg combined EPA + DHA for two months is knee pain disappeared.

Based on his personal experience Dr. Maroon then decided to use fish oil in his medical practice. He recommended fish oil to his nonsurgical patients in addition to their pain medications. 60% of his patients were able to use fish oil instead of the pain medications which carried a risk of causing ulcers, kidney disease, etc.

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