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Best Creatine Supplement Product On The Market?

To put it simple, creatine is the single most powerful natural muscle building compound in existence. It’s backed up by endless piles of research demonstrating its positive effects on training performance and lean muscle growth, and should definitely be included in any supplement plan aiming to maximize lean gains.

But what is the best creatine product on the market? Ever since the original creatine monohydrate was first released back in the 1990’s, an endless slew of new “breakthrough” products have been released. This includes creatine ethyl ester, creatine hydrochloride, buffered creatine (such as “Kre Alkalyn”) and liquid creatine serum.

What’s the real truth here? All the marketing hype aside, what is the best creatine product available?

Well, despite all the crazy claims made by hundreds of companies trying to convince you which creatine is the best, the simple truth is that creatine monohydrate is still king.

The reason why creatine monohydrate is still the best creatine powder on the market is that it has a near 100% absorption rate in humans, has been research proven to raise and sustain creatine levels in the muscle, is completely safe, and is the most cost effective. Not a single study ever published has shown any other form of creatine to be superior, so there really is no reason to deviate from the basics.

So, if you’re wondering which creatine to buy, just go with a high quality creatine monohydrate that is sourced from Creapure. Using a product sourced from Creapure ensures that you’re getting the highest grade creatine possible.

What is the best creatine brand? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting a product sourced from Creapure. My personal recommended creatine would be from Optimum Nutrition, though any brand is totally fine.

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