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Are you ready to change your life?

My epic 1 year body transformation from skinny to ripped! This video proves that any normal person with DEDICATION and WILLPOWER can achieve a strong body and mind! Its been a tough but fun journey and my life has only improved ever since i started doing CALISTHENICS! Set GOALS in your life and ACCOMPLISH them, always give the best of yourself and MOTIVATE the ones around you.

I use no weights or supplements, I only workout with my own BODYWEIGHT and only eat homemade food! No protein shakes etc.! ALL 100% NATURAL



Christian H. Nielsen:

Instagram: @chris_nielsen


Instagram: @barbrothersdk

SALUTE to BAR BROTHERS all around the world!

Hope you guys enjoy my inaugural youtube video containing my transformation!

Gonna be making more youtube videos of workouts, meal plans, etc. Hopefully something like 1 a week at least.

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  • Street Workout 3 years ago

    I think such people young sportsmen

  • SnowBallYT 3 years ago

    Im done , im going to exercise . Cya in a year

  • TechX Game 3 years ago

    " Snimadjija !!! " ???

  • JeoNown Wt 3 years ago

    ilk haftaları çekmemiş fazla

  • naisybarton 3 years ago

    Can he help me I'm 10 years old and I weigh 86.4 pounds

  • WoodsmanStudios 3 years ago

    very good

  • NERON “N” GAD 3 years ago

    tienes que enseñarme hermano

  • Ben D'Ornay 3 years ago

    i would like to be like this how do you do it

  • FearSon 3 years ago

    my kind of people

  • Kevin 3 years ago

    This video is the reason I started getting into calisthenics. My goal is to get to this level

  • Ripper Abi 3 years ago

    Jemand aus nähe stuttgart hier?

  • Alastair Brinklow 3 years ago

    Wat about legs 

  • babojn 3 years ago

    song ?

  • Super Goals 3 years ago

    Fair play👍🏻👌🏻

  • Mikhail Pistacchio 3 years ago

    Hello from Italy!
    Mi hai motivato moltissimo, grazie!

  • Juve CG 3 years ago

    Con unos buenos ciclos quien no se pondría así en un año ;)

  • Allen Yz 3 years ago

    Your story has very inspired me like others storys, I would love to change the way u changed but I need some help, so, if u guys will help it will be amazing, but if not I'm thankfull by the way. I hope I will change like you did and I will do a youtube video too :) ->

  • Martin Sláma 3 years ago

    3:45…what's the name of that move ?

  • Yunis Tiehen 3 years ago

    very nice video and a nice memory too !!

  • PrimZ 3 years ago


  • K&M Training 3 years ago

    Sickening transformation Jon!
    You should definitely upload more lol.
    I recently posted a transformation too so if anyone is interested, check it out on my channel!

  • Clasherrr Desmond 3 years ago

    I can't watch you chest day vid, maybe bc I'm from the Netherlands. could you fix this?

  • Justin Kolenc 3 years ago

    Age 18 to 19 looked natural but then it starts to look a bit too good to be true from there.

  • DaringD03 3 years ago

    Gorgeous! Wet dreams for life! Thanks for posting! Please do not be upset but I will have you in my mind forever! WOW! =D

  • a chinese man 3 years ago

    Hmmm 3 years for that? I'm gonna stick to juicing.

  • MySymb 3 years ago

    Someone knows the song at 3:40?

  • Swag SDK 3 years ago

    Ur hair is ugly tho srry

  • M11HD 3 years ago

    dont smoke bro it damage you :)

  • HumanZero HumanZero 3 years ago

    This fag's claiming 6'4 lol looks 5'9

  • Garage Gymnastics 3 years ago

    steroid transformation. Aint possible. Im glad he admits he is a cheater.

  • Ben Bob 3 years ago

    ROID RAGE!!!!!! 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Tanner Braungardt 3 years ago

    Roids… No respect

  • pedro eduardo 3 years ago

    guys he is natural he is just on a very low bf wich gives him that steroid look .

  • Liam Ambrose 3 years ago

    19 was ur first cycle. Very nice results!!

  • eRik Gaming 3 years ago

    Great job! But dude, get a haircut

  • Brent z 3 years ago

    Damn…everyone has been brainwashed by vegan gains to think that any one that is buff is on roids….this guys physique is possibly without roids….really hard work ethic, genetics, proper diet and rest will get you a buff body.

  • Mahesh Walatara 3 years ago


  • HandsomeTallAzn90 3 years ago

    When you realize that you go to college with the asian girl that jon calls out if she squats or nah

  • AlexanderMack 3 years ago

    whats the last song called I know it's a remix?

  • PapaDamageXXX 3 years ago

    Refused to be a sad cunt!